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It's time you start making lasting first impressions with top-notch, one-of-a-kind eBook illustrations. If you’re looking to make your eBook cover hard to miss in the digital space then Wright Books Associates is the right choice. Our eBook illustration services are bringing you the following:

  • Beautiful, eye-catching, and intricate illustrations that best suit your story.
  • Completely personalized, authentic, and one-of-a-kind illustrations.
  • An unlimited number of reviews and edits.

Leave First Impression with Captivating Book Illustrations

Any eBook author would want their book to stand out, especially when there are hundreds of creative geniuses out there. We're offering you a one-stop solution, guaranteeing your book is hard to miss on the digital shelf. Our professional eBook illustrators will bring your story’s magic to life with illustrated masterpieces. So, don't let your sleepless nights go in vain, and partner with our professional eBook illustration services to ensure your story shines brighter.

Our eBook Illustration Process

First Contact

So, to get started on your eBook illustration journey with Wright Book Associate, all you’ll have to do is log in to our website and fill out a brief form - Make sure - you don’t leave anything. Just provide all the required information,each and every minor detail and one of our project managers will reach out to you very soon to discuss your project.

Research and Discussion

After reviewing your form, we’ll connect you to one of our professional book illustrators, best suited to your story's needs. They'll research all your needs and aesthetics best suited to your story and present you with their illustration plans, ideas, and design strategies. In these discussions, you'll have all the liberty to approve and disapprove ideas if they do not align with your vision.

Draft Approval

Now, keeping in mind your eBook's genre, plot, characters, and your guidelines and your audience's interests, our professional book illustrators will be preparing a first captivating draft of your book cover. They'll also combine their experience and expertise to carefully design perfect, vibrant, and beautiful illustrations for your book.


Once a draft has been tailored completely to your needs, we'll come down to the nitty grits. We'll make sure to get the color scheme, fonts, and additional icons approved by you, just to make sure our book illustration is exactly the way you like. You'll have the final say on every aspect of the process, and we'll work with you until you are completely satisfied.

Final Edits and Cuts

After it’s been edited, it’ll be sent over to a team of professional book illustrators. They'll go over it a few more times and make edits wherever needed, whether it's the color, fonts, or illustrations themselves, just to make sure that your illustration is perfect .It ensures that your cover illustration matches your vision and captures your readers' attention.

Approval and Closing

Now, our team of professional book illustrators will be sending the illustration your way once it's gone through the final stage of editing just so you can approve of the final masterpiece. We also offer an unlimited number of revisions just so you're completely on board with the final piece. Once you’ve approved, your eBook is ready to be wrapped in beautiful illustrations.

Hire A Professional Book Illustrator for Illustrations Galore

We know it’s difficult to find the right eBook illustrator to bring your words to illustration life. But that’s exactly why we’re here. With Wright Books Associates’ affordable book illustration service, you'll have the UK's finest illustrators at their feet, curating and crafting the perfect digital illustrations for your eBook. By hiring a professional eBook illustrator, you'll be making your overall book cover completion process hassle-free. Here's how it'll help:

Why Wright Book Associates is the Right Choice

Illustrations that are ready to go:

At Wright Book Associates, our team of the UK's best, well-seasoned illustrators gives you your illustrations in files that are ready to go. So, we make it hassle-free by giving you production-ready illustrations and the copyright that’ll stay yours. All the time and dedication our designers put in is always worth the wait; we can promise you that.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

Our professional book illustrators are very mindful of deadlines. So, you’ll be sure to get your eBook illustrations just the way you want, whenever you need them. We’ll communicate and deliver just in time for the realistic deadlines mutually decided. So, don't worry because it's our job to make this process hassle-free.

UK’s top illustrators

Wright Book Associates has the UK's leading eBook illustrators waiting to bring your words to artistic life. Our critically acclaimed professional book illustrators will give your page-turner story the best illustrations in the eBook game. We'll have just the expert you need to see your vision and breathe new life into your story.

Revision and Finalization:

Our eBook illustration services include a comprehensive revision and finalization process. We understand that your eBook is a reflection of your vision, and we are here to bring that vision to life. We work closely with you throughout the revision process, making adjustments and fine-tuning until the illustrations align perfectly.

Look What Our Clients Says About Our eBook Illustration Services:

Olivia D., Leeds

Incorporating illustrations into my children's book was a top priority, and Wright Book Associates exceeded my expectations with their exceptional book illustration service. The illustrations added depth and charm to the story, making it a hit with young readers.

William F., Nottingham

As the author of a fantasy novel, I needed intricate and captivating illustrations to bring my world to life. Wright Book Associates' illustrators were incredibly talented, and their artwork elevated my book to a whole new level.

Sophie M., Birmingham

The book illustrations provided by Wright Book Associates breathed life into my characters and settings. They understood my vision and added a visual dimension to my book that resonated with readers. I couldn't be happier

Ethan G., Cardiff

Wright Book Associates' illustrators have a gift for capturing the essence of a story through art. The illustrations in my book are not just visuals; they're an integral part of the narrative. It's been a pleasure working with such talented artists.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ahead are answers to commonly asked questions concerning our papers writing help. We are happy to address any additional questions you may have via email, live chat or phone.

Illustrations in eBooks enhance the reader's experience, making the content more engaging and visually appealing. They can clarify complex ideas, break up text, and bring concepts to life.

We offer a wide range of illustrations, including cover artwork, chapter headers, spot illustrations, and full-page images. Our team of talented illustrators can create custom artwork tailored to your eBook's theme and content.

We encourage collaboration! You can certainly share your ideas and concepts for illustrations, and our team will work closely with you to bring your vision to life. Alternatively, we can also propose concepts based on your eBook's content and target audience.

The process typically involves an initial consultation to discuss your needs, followed by concept development, sketching, feedback, and final illustration creation. We ensure that you are involved at every stage to guarantee the illustrations align with your expectations.

We provide clear licensing agreements with our illustrations to ensure that you have the appropriate rights to use them in your eBook. The terms can vary based on your specific needs, such as exclusive or non-exclusive rights.

Turnaround times can vary depending on the complexity and quantity of illustrations required. We strive to meet your project's deadlines. We also accommodate revisions to ensure that the final illustrations meet your satisfaction and project requirements.

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